Since this website is about preventing people from gambling and other behavioural addictions such as internet addiction and gaming as well as substance addictions of alcohol and drugs, here is something this organisation should do to raise awareness so that people know about this
• We should held a talk on the impact in playing too much online games
• We should find recruitment in joining the organisation
• Advertisement on television about watching television or computer for too long will cause myopia
• Ways to prevent people from getting into all this problems
• strategies to change their attitudes, behaviour and mindset
• Posters, flyers
• Encourage family in supporting their love ones and giving them motivation to quit these bad habits that generally will cause harm to themselves.
• Helpline on newspapers
• How to prevent gambler to lessen addicts in gambling
• Magazine (because nowadays people buy magazine to read whenever they have free time, for example; in Teens magazine, I’ve realise that under the column section people comment that they have always waiting for it)
• Through this recruitment programme, we could provide structure to how your organization attracts new people in knowing such organisations actually do exist.
• Offer the ones who are able to quit some tangible or intangible benefits.
Such as sense of belonging, friendship and sharing experiences so that others know about it and learn from it.

*The bad impact of it is that some people who join this organisation might been formally invited or solicited. This is done, not to increase in the number of membership or seek volunteers but this is just a basic first step the organisation could do.


Museum Trip

I went to the Peranakan museum near the bras basah there. It was near to Nasional Museum of Singapore. We were greeted by the staff working there as we enter the museum. They gave us a huge welcoming smile. In the museum itself they display varieties things about the Peranakan people , their religion , wedding, festival, the interesting bowl they use for putting their food, their costumes (nyonya costume) This museum showcases the world’s finest and most comprehensive collection displayed of the Peranakans. I was immersed with the uniqueness of their culture when I first entered an ancient civilisation museum, and it leave me with a great impression that museum is not boring. I learned how to appreciate different culture and understand their way of life.

We even spend like around 10 minutes sitting at one of the exhibition hearing about how the Peranakan people cook in the kitchen with different kinds of like the utensil they have like the “batu lesong. I even have one of them at home. 

They gave us pamphlets to guide us around the museum. What’s best is that they are offering their best specialty of the museum with highlights of event in that particular month so as to attract more people to come especially during holidays. They are targeting on school students like us as well as tourist. We are very privilege to have free entries since we are still studying. For example like other school, they will also organize an activity to go to the different museum in Singapore so that they could relate what they learn in school. As you know, some students won’t even go to such places. The entrance of this museum is nice and attractive and it suits the festival that is coming that time ; Christmas. They even include their logo of their company at the bottom of the pamphlets they gave us. The color they use is very well balance. It looks vibrant and interesting that it stands out well. It never effect the main purpose which is the museum rather than the mood of going for a play with those papers.

The museum has three stories mainly divided by the first floor, they display the Gallery Origins. There you could find photograph of the Peranakan family, they display something that Peranakan uses in their daily life, like the “tudung saji” and “jewellery” as well as the kain batik. I was shocked to see those things because it look so similar to the Malay people who also uses those things in life and the first thing that came to mind is that Peranakan is a malay culture but I was wrong when I step to the second floor gallery.
There in one of the corner, I saw the Chinese way of praying and even pork in one of those galleries and now I know the focus of this is the Chinese who is a Peranakan but there are also Indian Muslim or Indian who is also a Peranakan. ‘Peranakan’ means “child of” or “born of” and is used to refer to people of mixed ethnic origins.
The way they display those thing was well done as one of this level it is all about wedding. You can find the clothes there and things they give during wedding .The bride give the groom and vice-versa.There are many design of a beaded-stuff which the bride made it herself for her future husband. You can see many kinds of batik design . It’s nice and colourful. The is also their attire of the nyonya choice which is the “sarong kebaya” There is this old telephone. You can even touch it and use it. We went to pick the phone up and, there was a lady talking in Malay.
What I like most about it is the painting done in ….in some of the
The most interesting we did down there was going around looking for this thing called the “family treasures stations” to get a stamp from different kinds of design. Like one of this part in purple said about the Peranakan ladies would fasten their blouses with a set of 3 brooches called “keronsang” and when we went to stamp it, it is an example of 1 beautiful keronsang design. I was busy looking at the rites and when I when to one corner of the gallery called the religion, I get a shocked and stunned because I stumbled upon a Chinese display on death. But as I went around I could see many unique porcelains,it look like a Chinese .

How Predictive Analytics Can Make Money for Social Networks?


Here is a brief overview of what my article is all about:

This articles is about how people could easily make money by producing website that can gain thousands millions of dollars by analyse what this generation wants and needs.

 The favourite social network today ; FACEBOOK!

 “Sometimes it feels like Facebook knows you better than you know yourself.”

Why do I choose this topic?

Since nowadays computer has been a part of almost everyone life , we ought to know who evented it and what is the purpose for them making such website for all of us. Let us see what business man and woman did to earn money by creating websites for all of us. The negative and positive impacts of it too. Let’s check it out!


 Firstly,what is the definition of “predictive analytics”?

It is a branch of data mining concerned with predicting future probabilities and trends, that applies a filter to users online interactions in the world. Aiming of delivering more value from a sea of irrelevance to something meaningful in the future to come. In other words , it is an area of statistical analysis that deals with extracting information from existing data and using it to predict future trends and behavior among our people. The core of it hardly relies on capturing relationships between explanatory variables and the predicted variables from past occurrences, and exploiting it to predict future outcomes. It is important to note, however, that the accuracy and usability of results will depend greatly on the level of Business and Data Understanding of the user. Companies who create this website rely on the wisdom of crowds. They invent all kinds of websites just to gain profits for their companies as well as to let people enjoy every moments of their invention websites. They need something to analyse the things they invented to know whether it is useful.

What type of analysis they should use?

 Hybrid? Humans analysis? Sentiment analysis?

Somehow it is the focus of an intense debate in the blogosphere. It is a platform to employ different techniques and statistical methodologies to evaluate sentiment across the web in updating them whether those website is good or not. Most people choose employ workes to do those analysis for the company rather than machines so as to be more accurate, mostly people use sentiment analysis because humans are understand to only agree 79%. For that we understand that machines will never be able to measure sentiment as well as humans . If your reputation and influence on one particular thing your company has invented is negative , the companies should not carry over into other things something like that but instead do some analysis in how to improve them.

Since we know that social media mentions are plentiful, priorotization tools must continue evolving and don’t repeat on the same mistakes since we want the best for everyone in the future. We couldn’t depend on something forever, do you?

We even need to take measures, such as ability to cross-reference intensity, between the good thing and the least good ones, so that we could create a better one. Children as young as a primary school kids have to learn using computer at a young age. The also are given assignment or homework to do. Even if they miss some parts of the lesson, they can catch up with their work online. There was this year where students have to depend on computer to do their homework, because of the spread of SARS if the ones infected come to school to do their learning stuffs.

 People have create alot of website for all of us to access today for our own benefits.

The most interesting one is Social Network websites.


For example : Social Network like ; Twitter, Tagged, Friendster , Facebook , Etc.

Let us look at one of this website. Facebook.

 In this era, when you ask people what is facebook, they will tell you all sorts of things. In future , Facebook also make our life easier, for example Facebook will have this application on Places, to get about to some places where they can find their things. It also remind us on our friends birthday , on the latest news and even the things that your friend post on their wall. Facebook has been one of the most popular website that youngster nowadays are most addicted with.

It is our favourite social networks.

Not justs youngster even a wide varition of people ageing from a young kids to adult. There even people who found their life-partner in this website. Facebook is a place where people socialize, meet new friends and track popularity , even it holds on to a lot of online gaming , but then, it has it own negative impact on all of us. It miss leading some of us. For example, most of our young generation were addicted with this website. We often receive plenty complaints from teachers saying that students are not doing their work but accesing to Facebook. This habit will affect them by neglecting their schoolwork and not focusing in class.

Facebook has no privacy.

Whatever happens between it , the whole of your friends will get to know about it easily. When you post on their “wall” so called their profile, everyone in your friend list will get to know it when they go to their homepage. Something totally amazed me , when I heard that even married people still playing Facebook. It is not wrong to have one, but it is a wrong act if they were to flirt when they are attach. So you see, still there are NO PRIVACY in it.

So who ever don’t have a Facebook , it’s better of you to stay away from this “ADDICTED-DRUG”

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